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I joined a global business with lots of opportunities.

Ahmed Lambat

Ahmed: Contract Logistics

University: De Montfort University

Degree: BA Business Management and Enterprise

The minute I saw an article about Kuehne + Nagel’s Graduate Programme I felt excited. When I looked closer I discovered how well structured it was, with lots of opportunities to work in locations across the UK.

I joined Kuehne + Nagel because of the global opportunities and avenues for development and working closely with other industries. Logistics is key to everyday life, but we don’t necessarily notice it because the transport, inventory and warehousing is all behind the scenes.

Moving placements gives us experience of different cultures and processes. In my first placement I learned about operational management roles in our Resource Recovery contract, a specialised area of the business that ensures our customers are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

You have to adapt to each new environment and new colleagues, but our training is very good and relates back to the day job, where we are given real responsibilities and work with senior management. I’ve been involved in daily operations, customer meetings, continuous improvement activities as well as a variety of projects. We’re not just hidden away on the graduate programme!

Be brave and take every opportunity.

Christin Lau

Christin: Seafreight

University: Robert Gordon University

Degree: BA (Hons) International Business Management

I previously worked in procurement and through interaction with the Logistics team became interested in this field of work and wanted to find out more. Kuehne + Nagel is very well known and respected, with a global reach and diverse range of services. So far, I’ve been involved in import and export operations, and analysing and developing trade lanes – it’s a really exciting place to work.

The training and support for gaining qualifications (CILT for me) is brilliant. Once you’ve been in a placement for a while, there tends to be a moment where everything makes sense and all the pieces slot together – it’s very rewarding when that happens, and helps you develop a real passion for the job.

My advice to future graduates is to explore as many opportunities as you can, and always ask questions. That is sometimes a brave thing to do but it’s important – you can’t be shy and quiet.


The support network is great, I've met friends for life.

David Callaghan

David: Overland

University: Lancaster University

Degree: BSc Economics

The graduate programme offers a great rotation that allows me to see all areas of the Overland operation. I started out in the Sales team, learning how we develop new relationships and grow existing ones. Then I moved into trailer operations to see how we manage the collection and delivery of goods across Europe. My next placement is in Specialised Networks, a dedicated team that supports unique business areas like pharmaceutical deliveries and high value technology.

The programme offers lots to aid your development. In addition to rotating business placements I’m also studying for my CILT accreditation, and we attend graduate personal development workshops as part of our graduate cohort. It’s a busy two years and time management is important but you’re fully supported throughout.

The main advice that I would give is to always ask questions – everyone at Kuehne + Nagel is happy to help and our colleagues are all very knowledgeable. Be proactive and look for as many opportunities as you can.


It's so diverse and I'm always learning.

Jenna Speed

Jenna: Contract Logistics

University: Heriot Watt University

Degree: MA Business and Finance

After some work experience in Logistics, I knew this was the right industry for me. I wanted to join a market-leader that puts employees first and has an ethical approach, and after extensive research, Kuehne + Nagel was the best fit for me.

The graduate network here is great, I’ve made some really good friends and learned a lot, and quickly. It’s a diverse, supportive and challenging place. I’ve been given responsibility from day one and have the opportunity to really get stuck in and make significant decisions.

It can be daunting being up in front of new teams that I don’t know, especially if I’m in a leadership role. Getting to grips with the warehouse environment was a challenge too, as it’s different to what I’m used to, but walking in to see your own shift is a great feeling.

I love working in Logistics, it’s very ‘real world’ – I can relate my work to what we see in our everyday lives. I look forward to developing, having more responsibilities and growing my leadership skills.


I'm sponsored for professional accreditation.

Nick Richards

Nick: Finance

University: University of Kent

Degree: BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics

In most Finance roles I’d be working at a computer screen in a large office detached from the physical reality behind the numbers. I joined Kuehne + Nagel because every day I can see the impact my work has on freight movement and service delivery to our customer. It’s a very successful global company with lots of opportunities for career development.

I started the programme in central finance, getting to grips with the overall structure of finance, including accounts payable and accounts receivable amongst other things. I’ve now moved into a management accountant role at our Manchester site, working with the site leadership team to manage the contract finances and report back to the customer.

Graduates have a big profile at Kuehne + Nagel and expectations are high, so you always have to give 100%. Listen to guidance and make sure you interact at all levels and give a good impression to everyone that you meet.

I’m committed to making the most of the programme structure so that I can learn as much as possible about Logistics and where Kuehne + Nagel fits in the industry.


Logistics is so important to our everyday lives.

Oliver Dodwell

Oliver: Airfreight

University: De Montfort University

Degree: BA Business and Management

My first placement was airside at our main airfreight hub in Heathrow. It was a great place to start as I got an immediate feel for the fast pace and 24/7 nature of imports and exports at an airport. I’ve also been involved in implementing a new customer contract, in particular the resource planning and process development. I’m proud of my work on this as I took responsibility from day one and it’s a significant project for the business.

The programme has been very enjoyable right from the start. It’s well organised and both the business and our colleagues are dedicated to helping with our development. No two days are the same and I have the chance to move around the country onto new placements, creating a great network of colleagues and graduates along the way.

I’m very happy in Airfreight, I’m hoping to continue my development to utilise more of my leadership skills and develop to the supervisor and management level so I can lead a team. I’ve worked in the perishables team so far; next it’s pharmaceuticals and aerospace, which I’m really looking forward to.